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Holax holding has been founded with the mission of investment in the import and export of goods (specially related to the steel industry) and relying on knowledge of the experts and specialist and synergy of the manufacturers and technology owners.

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قسمت قرمز
Holax as one of the leading holdings in the field of importing and exporting of raw material, instruments, equipment for different industries from steel industry to petrochemicals to all around the world, has many subsidiaries in European and Asian countries and thanks to the sister companies globally, we strengthen our communications between the companies and customers around the world and present best quality in our services.
Our Mission

To create value and make a differennce as a trusted supplier of row material and equipment globally.

To manage business with integrity and highest standard of ethics and to act in a socially responsible  manner with emphasison the wellbeing of all stakeholders .

Our Values

Our vision server as a framework to accomplish our mission and guide us in every aspect of our business to achieve sustainable and quality growth. We emphasize on the wellbeing of our people, partners and customers.

- Operate with and provide faimess, transparency and obgectivity in the work environment. 

-Leverage team talent and respect for team work.

-We take on us of our actions and words.

-Non-negotiable and uncompromised level of quality. 

-Make direct relation with customer and partners to maintain long relation with competitive environment.

What We Do

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