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Holax holding has been founded with the mission of investment in the import and export of goods (specially related to the steel industry) and relying on knowledge of the experts and specialist and synergy of the manufacturers and technology owners.

This holding has been active in various fields and has left a brilliant record through the years. Holax Holding is able to procure , export and import all kinds of goods with different companies in its field of work. The activites carried out by this Holding are as follows:

1.Procurement of raw and mineral related to the production line of steel and aluminum industries.

 2.Supply of raw material of petrochemical and refinery sectors.

 3.Study, analysis and market monitoring

 4.International marketing in the potential and actual market worldwide 

 5.Processes of supply chain including connecting with suppliers and manufacturers, shipping and relation with couriers and forwarders, custom clearance.

 6.Taking the agency and representations from well-known and reputative suppliers and producers of materials around the world.

 7.Funding and investment on the export and import of good.